Stock Headstalls

"Stock headstall" is actually a deceptive term. One quick look will tell you our stock headstalls are nicer looking and better made than most "premium" headstalls made by other companies.

Although these headstalls are intended for everyday use, they are attractive enough to be used for show. They are certainly better constructed than most so-called "show" headstalls. If you wish to see what we can do with a little silver and a bit of imagination, please see our fancy headstall page.

Making a Good Headstall

We make these headstalls just like any of our fancy headstalls. Each is hand cut, one at a time, with great attention to detail. We carefully choose which part of the strap to cut each bridle piece from. This makes a stronger, longer lasting headstall.

We take great care in sewing our headstalls. They are all sewn with nylon thread with at least eight stitches per inch to give them a finer look. The thread is also recessed into a small channel in the leather to make it more resistant to abrasion and wear. This attention to detail is never seen on factory produced  strap goods.


Most of our headstalls are made with Wickett and Craig English bridle leather. This is available in black, dark brown, medium brown, burgundy, chestnut and tan. Occasionally we make some out of other specially selected leathers. Please inquire about availability.

We are also now offering our same stock headstalls made with select harness leathers, also tanned by Wickett and Craig. We have Work Harness, which is darker in color and has a very waxy feel and Regular Harness, which is lighter colored and less waxy. These headstalls are available in single ply and lined versions.

We use three main types of hardware on our leather products; solid brass, chrome on brass and stainless steel. This offers our clients a wide variety of choices so they can match the hardware to that on the gear they already have.

Sizes and Styles

We make our headstalls in a variety of sizes and styles as we know not all horses are the same size and all riders don't necessarily like the same style.

Although our standard size headstall fits almost all but the largest and smallest horses, we can size them down to fit Arabians, colts and ponies. We have oversized headstalls to fit mules, Warmbloods, Tennessee Walkers and large Thoroughbreds. If the headstall is in proportion to the horse's head, both the horse and the gear look better. Please ask for help if you think your horse may need a special size.

Our headstalls are available in a number of widths; 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1" and 1 1/4". We make them in the following styles: browband, knotted browband, sliding ear, and shaped ear. All are available with a single buckle or double buckle at the cheek piece, whichever our clients prefer.

There are several options for attaching the headstall to the bit. All of the bridles in the stock headstall gallery are shown with ties at the bit. They are also available with plain Chicago screws for the same price. We have also made headstalls with snaps or buckles at the bit. These two options are available for an additional charge.


Unfortunately, just because we call these "stock headstalls" doesn't mean that we will always have what you want on hand when you order. We are primarily a custom shop and have many product choices, which means we can't have one or two of everything hanging on the wall. We prefer to make up orders as we receive them, so we ask for your understanding in this matter. However, we are usually able to get our stock headstalls in the mail within two weeks of the order. Special sizes or styles may take a little more time.