Spur Straps

We offer a large variety of spur straps, everything from plain and utilitarian to very fancy, unique spur leathers.


We make most of our spur straps out of the same English bridle leather most of our other items are made from. It is available in black, dark brown, medium brown, burgundy, chestnut and tan.

Some styles require a different leather choice. For example, the inlaid straps must be made out of a lighter weight leather, so we use Wickett and Craig strap leather. We can also make spur straps out of saddle skirting and other select vegetable tanned strap leathers.

Harness leather and latigo can be used for plain, utilitarian straps. However, neither of these types of leather can be stamped.


One of the nice things about spur straps is the almost unlimited combinations of styles, patterns and stamping options. Although we have added a number of photos below, we have many more patterns available, not to mention a number of different stamps.

As we make different styles over the year we will add them to the page. If you don't see what you are looking for, please get in touch as we probably have made it before.


Any of the sterling, sterling overlay and silver plate buckles that we use on the headstalls can also be used to dress up spur straps. For a less fancy look, we use the same #132 buckles in brass, chrome and stainless steel that we use on the headstalls.

You will notice conchos on a couple pair of spur straps in the photos below. Not all bridle conchos can be used on spur straps as well. If you see something that interests you, but aren't sure if we can use that concho, please get in touch and we'll see what can be done.

Proper fit

When ordering spur straps, it is helpful for us to know who made your spurs. Different makers use different measurements for their spurs. The problem with strap fit is in the length of the heel band. If the spurs have a longer heel band than usual, they will require a shorter strap.

Although we are familiar with a number of spur makers, we don't know all of them. If we don't know the maker of your spurs we may ask you to take a simple measurement. 

Put the spur on your boot, then use a flexible tape measure to measure the distance from the center on one button across the foot to the center of the button. This measurement will tell us how long to make the strap.

If a flexible tape measure is not available, you can use a string from button to button across the top of the foot. Be sure to place the string over the foot where you want the spur strap to lay. Then lay the string out on a regular ruler and measure from the end to the point that marked the center of the other button.

pigspurstrap08.jpg (341494 bytes)
chesmtbib08.jpg (380654 bytes)
sstraps4.JPG (85738 bytes) This classic Nevada pattern spur strap is dressed up with scalloped silver plate center bar buckles and a small basket stamp. We used chestnut English bridle leather to make this pair.
sstraps14.jpg (148268 bytes) The braid center basket stamp is a favorite of mine. The square silver plate buckle is a nice accent on these dark brown spur straps. The pattern used was a long Sheridan style to fit spurs with a shorter heel band.
sstraps11.jpg (197547 bytes) These were sure fun to make. They are Wickett and Craig strap leather inlaid with brown Congo frog skin. the buckles are style #132 in chrome. These inlaid straps can be done with a wide variety of exotic leathers as long as they are lightweight and flexible.
starspurstraps.jpg (315827 bytes) This is a one of a kind pair of spur straps. They are our Sheridan pattern made out of medium brown English Bridle leather. The specially designed sterling overlay buckles with a raised, three-dimensional star on the buckle and keeper is 1/2" wide. A simple basket stamp completes them nicely. These are still available. $165
sstraps17.jpg (172303 bytes) This is a pair of our Dayton style spur straps in dark brown with a medium size double rope basket stamp. The buckle is the Durango style in silver plate.
sstraps5.JPG (350014 bytes) A ball center basket stamp design is the highlight of this chestnut Nevada pattern spur strap. We used a chrome #132 buckle. This pattern will fit almost any spur.
greenlizinlayss.jpg (272450 bytes) If your taste runs to wild rather than mild, then something like these emerald lizard inlaid spur straps might be just the thing for you. These were made using our Dayton pattern out of Wickett and Craig strap leather and #10 stainless steel buckles. Note the beaded line between the two rows of stitching.
sstraps7.JPG (58718 bytes) These medium brown spur straps are stamped with a medium size basket stamp surrounded by a beaded border. A beaded border is a raised line that goes around the stamping. This pair is made using our long Sheridan pattern to fit spurs with a short heel band and are finished with silver plate scalloped center bar buckles.
sstraps13.jpg (173679 bytes) This ball center basket stamp is another one of my favorites. It looks great on this dark brown English bridle leather, especially with the Durango buckle in silver plate. These were made with our Sheridan pattern.
sstraps2.JPG (104595 bytes) We call this style a Montana bib. They are available in both men's and women's sizes. This tan men's pair has stainless steel #132 buckles and is stamped with a geometric stamp.
burgfrogss.jpg (203400 bytes) This pair of spur straps using a slightly modified Sheridan pattern feature burgundy Congo frog inlays with Wickett and Craig strap leather for the body of the strap. The buckles are #132's in chrome.
sstraps12.JPG (366819 bytes) Here is another pair of Montana bibs. this pair is made out of dark brown English bridle and feature a small San Carlos border. the buckle is a chrome #132 and the concho is an 1-7/8" Santa Barbara in sterling overlay with jeweler's bronze beads.
sstraps3.JPG (65136 bytes) The medium sized basket stamp on these long Sheridan pattern spur straps has an interesting braided center. The scalloped silver plate buckles dress up these tan English bridle leather straps.
sstraps20.jpg (142716 bytes) A long center bar buckle in silver plate really dresses up this pair of dark brown Sundance pattern spur straps. A small basket stamp's delicate design works well on this smaller style.
rustlizss.jpg (261332 bytes) The rust-colored lizard inlaid in these Dayton pattern spur straps are a bit more subdued than some of our other inlaid straps. The stainless steel buckles are style #10 and the leather is Wickett and Craig strap.
sstraps10.JPG (81966 bytes) Here are some medium brown English bridle leather spur straps in the Nevada pattern. The stamped design is an interesting diamond geometric stamp and the buckles are silver plate.