Slobber Straps

You can't use a mecate without slobber straps, so we offer some to fit every taste. 

We offer our slobber straps in the same English Bridle leather as our headstalls and they are available in the same colors; black, dark brown, burgundy, medium brown, chestnut and tan. We can also make them out of harness leather to match our harness leather headstalls and are now offering them in saddle skirting leather as well.

Some styles, namely the narrow button-on style, are available in latigo only.

Shaped, lined and stamped slobber straps are also available by special order.

All of our slobber straps have a 5/8" hole for the mecate unless a larger or smaller hole is specified. They also have a long slit in addition the the hole to allow the mecate some extra room to slide through.

We hope you enjoy the pictures below. Please click on the photos to enlarge.