Mane Hair Mecates

A Bit of History

No one knows who made the first rope out of horsehair, but they go back before recorded history. Horsehair ropes have been found in archeological sites in Europe as well as in North America. The Plains Indians used the2 pattern mecatem frequently and some of these ropes are on display in museums today. Mane hair mecates made their way into our cowboy culture with the help of vaqueros and the Californios and have since spread to all corners of the Earth.

My Philosophy

There is nothing quite like a good mane hair mecate. They have weight, but not too much, they are balanced, and a truly good one has a life of it's own. This "life" is impossible to explain, but you will know it if you ever feel it.

A new mecate is pretty, but an old mecate is beautiful. All of the hair prickles are worn off so the pattern is very crisp and distinct. The colors are still as bright as the day it was made. There is some dander and dirt where it has rubbed many a horse's neck, but that just gives it character.

I make all of my mecates intending them to one day be old mecates. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing Flashy black, sorrel and white mecateone of my ropes several years later and observing how it has aged.  I build these ropes to last a lifetime and more. 

Please check out some of the links on this page to learn more about my mecates and ropes in general. I think there's a little something there for everyone.