Hobbles come in handy more often than you think. Since horses should never be tied up with a mecate, hobbles are a perfect way to both secure your horse and protect the investment you have made in a beautiful mecate. 

We currently have pictures of only one style, but will be offering more soon. Please click on the photos to enlarge.

ithobblessquares.jpg (153937 bytes) This is a pair of our 1" Indian Tan Utah hobbles. They are strong, yet soft and flexible. This particular pair is not suitable for hobble breaking as they are too narrow, but they would be great for a hobble broke horse. We do make them wider, which would allow them to be used for hobble breaking or for horses who still try their hobbles occasionally. These are also available with round rings rather than the squares as shown and/or with an extra long tail so it can be wrapped completely around one of the legs. That is great for very small horses or those who like to travel when hobbled.

$48 as shown

padded hobble2.jpg (198315 bytes) These padded hobbles are for the hobble broke horse. We make them with a 3/4" leather strap overlay (1-1/8" actual width including padding) and a 1" leather overlay (1-3/8" actual width including padding). This pair has a 1" overlay. The padding is soft and flexible for the horses' comfort. This pair is made with a latigo overlay, but they could be made with any of our bridle leathers or skirting leather as the overlay.


padded hobble1.jpg (212874 bytes) The same hobble photographed from above to show the padding.
latigo cowboy hobble 2.jpg (248075 bytes) This all leather Cowboy hobble is a nice choice for starting a horse out with hobbles. These are two layers of latigo leather and are 1-1/2" wide. We have also made these out of heavy Indian Tan for more flexibility. The only hardware on these hobbles is the buckle.


latigo cowboy hobble 1.jpg (265175 bytes) The same Cowboy hobble photographed from above.
bbhobbles1.jpg (127560 bytes) These are our Brannaman style single ring hobbles. They are made to Buck's specifications based on a pair he made himself several years ago. They are 1-1/2" wide burgundy latigo with nylon webbing sandwiched between the two layers. These are extremely strong and are suitable for introducing your horse to hobbles. 


bbhobbles2.jpg (193902 bytes) The same hobbles photographed from the top clearly show the nylon layer.