Curb Straps

On a shanked bit, a curb strap keeps the bit in place and provides the leverage the bit was designed to have. On a snaffle bit, the curb serves as a hobble, keeping the rings attached to each other so the bit can more effectively transmit the rider's signals. It also prevents the bit from being pulled through the horse's mouth when doing a one-rein stop.

We currently offer four different styles in several leather choices. See pictures below.

Grass Knot Curbs 

This style is often called a bit hobble. It is rarely used on a shanked bit, like a half breed or a spade, but it can be if properly adjusted. We offer them in a lightweight red latigo (my personal recommendation because of their flexibility), and in English Bridle leather. The ones made of bridle leather are available in black, dark brown, medium brown, burgundy, chestnut and tan to match all of our headstalls. Harness leather ones are available also to match those headstalls as well.

Signature Curbs

This style is one of my own design and is only suitable for use on a snaffle bit. It attaches to the bit with leather buttons. My husband teaches all of his horses to pick up the bit on their own so that anyone (even children) will be able to bridle them. He loves this curb because he can unbutton one side and get the strap out of the horse's way until he learns how to pick up the bit. It is only available in lightweight latigo because of way the leather buttons are made.

Single Buckle Curbs

These are typically used on shanked bits, but can also be used with a snaffle if you want a dressier look than the Grass Knot or Signature straps. They are made with English Bridle leather and are available in all six colors to match our headstalls; black, dark brown, medium brown, burgundy, chestnut and tan. The heel bar buckles are available in brass, chrome on brass and stainless steel.

Manx Curbs

The Manx curbs are a button-on style without the tails like our Signature curbs. Therefore we named them after a cat with the same missing appendage. These were designed to meet a client request and we liked them so much we decided to offer them as a standard design. These are only available in a lightweight latigo and are not adjustable so they are only suitable for a snaffle bit.

Below are photos of all four styles. Please click on photos to enlarge.

gkcurb.JPG (44501 bytes)
fourcbcurbs-wb.jpg (436947 bytes)

Here is a curb strap design I call the Cowboy curb strap. Many working cowboys use some variation of this as it is simple yet functional. It looks a lot like a grass knot curb strap, but the small piece of leather in the center allows it to be adjusted so the two tails are always the same length. These are available in both snaffle and bridle bit length, so please specify which you prefer.

Colors available- from top to bottom- Tan, dark brown, burgundy and black

Snaffle length- $18
Bridle length- $20

sigcurb.JPG (121453 bytes)

Remember these curb straps are really bit hobbles and the length can't be adjusted after they are made, so they are suitable only for snaffle bits. If you need a shorter bit hobble for a smaller horse, we would be happy to make a custom one that will fit properly.


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