Chink Gallery

Here are some examples of our chinks. All of these were custom made, so styles and trim options will vary from our standard chink features.

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kim'schinks.jpg (132170 bytes) This is a classic example of our standard chinks. I made these chinks for Dr. Kim Fehir of Buffalo, Wyo. She needed a pair of soft, comfortable, and lightweight leggings. She also wanted them to be light colored and relatively plain. We used a lightweight (4ounce) cream cowhide and added a dark brown top belt and side pieces for contrast. Note the rolled edge at the top of the legs for strength. 
dylanschinks.JPG (54123 bytes)

These chinks were made for Dylan Ingle. They are a good example of a standard pair of chinks. Note the knee patch and contrasting top belt and side pieces. You can also see where we folded extra leather over the top of the inside of the leg to made a second thickness there. Since there are no conchos to hold the buckle straps on the outside of the leg, they are sewn in. The stitch line is visible against the side pieces on the leg. The fringe on this pair is 6" long. Since Dylan cowboys for a living, we chose a tan leather 5 to 5-1/2 ounces in weight and with a slight pebble grain.

daveschinks1.JPG (48390 bytes)

Dave's chinks are a bit fancier. Although they are for work, he wanted a very light color so they wouldn't be so hot in summer. These are an off-white heavy leather (5 to 5-1/2 ounce) with a distinct pebble grain. Although the leather from this tannery is heavier than most other chap leather, it is very soft and molds well to the body without being overly stretchy. Dave also wanted only 4" fringe and stamped belt and side pieces. He fancied them up a bit more with silver conchos down the leg.

daves chinks 2.JPG (42462 bytes)

Here is an inside view of Dave's chinks. The inside belt and knee patch are clearly visible and you can see how the buckles themselves are sewn in. 

johns chinks.JPG (43759 bytes)

John, Dave's son, has this pair. They have only two buckle straps so they will be more in proportion to the length of his leg, but in all other respects they are built with all of the same features as his father's leggings. Note the slightly different style of top belt and side pieces. These are a very dark chocolate brown with chestnut English bridle leather accents. This chap leather has a slightly firmer feel than what I used for his father's pair, but is also lighter in weight, about 4 ounces.