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Here are some shortcuts to different categories of items on this page. I've added in quite a few new things, but there are some of our old standbys here as well. Take you time when looking around as we have some new color and design choices as options on some of our regular products.

Fancy Headstalls
A Little Fancier Than Stock Headstalls
Stock Headstalls
Home Decor Items
Spur Straps
Curb Straps and Bit Hobbles
Night Latches
Leather Care Products
Silver Cleaning Products (and accessories)
Leather Reins and Romal (and accessories)
Rawhide Goods
Slobber Straps
Leather Money Clips and Checkbook Covers
A Little of This and That

 Who knows what is going to show up on this page. I plan to use it to offer special one-of-a-kind products or great deals throughout the year.

I'm often inspired to try something new, but rarely make any of these things because I have no way to let people see them. I am hoping to put some of those items here.

From time to time, we have finished an order and then find out the client has changed his or her mind about purchasing it. This page will give us a place to offer them to our other clients.

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